Academic Portals

​Campus Innovation for a Seamless Future

Why Academic Portals? 

Higher Education institutions face amongst other the following challenges:​

  • students, applicants, and alumni demand a better user experience, they do not want to jump from application to application. SSO or Content Aggragator Apps are not the ultimate solution (they are just a first step)​​
  • most universities lack a proper data governance or do not embrace a proper Higher Education Reference Model
  • proper content access and interaction (user experience) is tightly coupled with the institution backend applications

That’s why we created Academic Portals – we’ve learnt from institutions and user communities that they have all this same problem.

Our Story

Academic Portals is a young and dynamic startup driven by a passion for revolutionizing the education sector. Founded by visionary individuals with a long experience in EdTech, our team understands the intricate needs of Higher Education institutions. With backgrounds spanning both education institutions and Edtech providers, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Our international experience has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of diverse educational landscapes, enabling us to design solutions that cater to the unique requirements of institutions worldwide. We believe in the power of education to transform lives, and we are committed to empowering institutions to deliver exceptional experiences.

Our Academic Portals logo features a pinecone, a symbol deeply rooted in Mediterranean countries, where our headquarters are located (Barcelona, Spain). We embrace a “Mediterranean Touch” in our company, products, and services, drawing inspiration from the rich culture and heritage of the region, which has been a cradle of science and universities for many countries. This touch reflects our commitment to fostering a holistic approach to education, blending tradition with innovation, and embracing the spirit of collaboration and knowledge exchange that has flourished in this part of the world.

The choice of the pinecone as our logo also holds a global significance. Pinecones are found in various latitudes, symbolizing the inclusive and universal nature of our approach. They serve as a reminder that education knows no boundaries and that our solutions cater to institutions worldwide. Moreover, the design of the pinecone is based on the Fibonacci (or Hemachandra) sequence, a mathematical concept representing the inherent harmony and balance found in nature (see Fibonacci and Pinecones ). 

This underlying principle aligns with our mission at Academic Portals to provide reliable, solid, and efficient solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing educational ecosystems and facilitate a harmonious learning experience for students, faculty, and stakeholders.

In essence, our logo encapsulates the essence of Academic Portals a company deeply rooted in the Mediterranean heritage of science and education, with a global mindset and commitment to delivering innovative solutions. We strive to foster a balanced, harmonious, and inclusive learning environment that leverages the best of both tradition and technology, empowering educational institutions to unlock their full potential and embrace the future with confidence.